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WWE’s The Man Becky Lynch has found herself a man and he goes by the name Seth Rollins.  Lynch posted an engagement photo on her social media.

It has not been very long since the couple had made their relationship public.  On May 13 the couple announced they were dating and it has been used very often in storylines since then.  It is unclear if they have been dating for a long time, but I get the suspicion it hasn’t been that long. However, the couple are now getting married.

Rollins And Lynch Announce Their Engagement?

In the photo, the couple is on a beach with Rollins and Lynch posing together.  Their smiles are as big as can be. In the caption Lynch says “Happiest day of my life. For the rest of my life. ❤️💍❤️.”

Maybe There’s Is Still A Chance Lynch Is Still Available

In the aftermath fan and fellow current and retired WWE employees wished them their well wishes.  However, it was never 100 percent confirmed if they were actually engaged or what Lynch meant by the post.

Lynch had a ring in the post, but people wear rings for a lot of different reasons.  She had fun because Rollins is a fun guy. I would have a good time with him if I was on vacation with him too.  Hopefully next time they will invite me to go out to Hawaii with them.

Nope Sorry Rollins And Lynch Are Getting Married

However, in a later post on Rollins’ Twitter it is confirmed they are engaged.  Becky is holding up her hand with her engagement ring. In the post Rollins claims “I’m the luckiest man alive.”

WWE’s Power Players Become The Power Couple

The couple are the power couple at the moment in WWE.  Lynch is the Raw Women’s Champion and had main-evented Wrestlemania.  Rollins is the Universal Champion and the Raw Tag Champion.  

I am happy for the couple, but I really hope WWE doesn’t exploit this for ratings.  Hopefully we don’t see them get married live on Raw.  If WWE wants to film a documentary about planning their wedding and them actually getting married, but putting it on TV I am against. However, putting it on the network is ok with me.   I am ok with that and it may be really interesting to see them try to schedule it around their wrestling schedule. However, I don’t want to see their relationship be used every week on TV.  WWE needs to give them their space to have their wedding and relationship in private as much as possible.

Everyone here at ThatHashTagShow wishes them well and congratulations on their engagement.  We eagerly await our wedding invitations, but we hope they love the bread maker we bought them.


Seth Rollins’ Twitter

Becky Lynch’s Twitter

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