G1 Prime and Megatron
G1 glory returns!

When I started this comic I wasn’t sure what to expect. Zero issues mean starting from the beginning or even pre-beginning. Transformers 84 makes me hearken back to the original series and all of its G1 bots. This issue brings me back to everything from an age when transformers were new. Does this issue deliver on the nostalgia? Oh hell YES!

Transformers 84 Cover To Cover

Optimus standing before the Arc
Prime and the Arc

Both the cover and the art inside remains a mix of emotions. While not great by today’s standards and primeval in others, the artwork lacks anything outstanding or breathtaking. On the other hand – THAT’S THE 80’s! The covers and artwork both throw the reader back to a simpler time when art in comics looked very different. Modern era leaves this comic lacking. 80’s nostalgia makes this issue fantastic!

Transformers 84 Story Line

The story inside – WHO CARES!! Yes, there is a story and it is a good one, but this issue doesn’t care about story lines and character arcs. In fact the story inside can be found in multiple comics and stories. The Autobots prepare to leave Cybertron to escape Megatron and his cronies.

This issue uses the name Transformers 84 for a reason. In the few pages used, we see nearly every single G1 transformer that existed. This issue snapshots the events taking place as the Autobots prepare to leave Cybertron. On the Arc we see nearly every single familiar G1 face from the cartoon. We even see a few of the G2 bots and why they stayed behind on Cybertron. Do not pick up this issue expecting great things. Pick this issue up because you love the G1 generation and all its bots.

The Story Inside

After saying all that about the G1 love and unimportance of the story, there does exist a nice little tale behind Optimus Prime. The heart of the story, accentuated by the presence of Punch/Counterpunch, revolves around Prime and his decision to not only build the Arc, but put the Autobots’ best and brightest on board.

Prime’s motives may not be so pure as we think. The use of the Arc, according to this issue anyway, was born more out of desperate gamble than any altruistic or last shot gamble. While simple when stretched over so many pages, it does play out nicely.

Whether you love G1 stories or simply the use of all the G1 names and faces, this comic is great for G1 lovers everywhere.