The neglected step-child of the WWE Network, 205 Live, may soon become 205 goodbye… and that maybe a bigger problem than you think.

205 Live streaming on the WWE Network every Tuesday Night following Smackdown

Word on the dirtsheets, from the source of sources (*cough* Meltzer ) says that once Smackdown Live goes to Fox, there is talk that 205 with get nixed and the third hour of taping will be for the Fox Sports 1 post show. Now, if we are going back to Talking Smack with Renee and Daniel Bryan, I’m for it! But not at the expense of WWE’s best feeder system.

With NXT now officially being a third brand starting September 18th and going head to head with AEW, 205 Live is the lone developmental brand. Actually, it has been since the Cruiserweight Classic. It gave us: Buddy Murphy, Ali, Cedric Alexander and Lio Rush. Yes, I understand some of them may have dipped their toes in NXT. With Buddy actually winning titles, BUT the land of 205 Live is where they got to thrive! Lio Rush coming to collect, Ali shining his light, Cedric Alexander feeling at home and even where Buddy Murphy let the secret out. Unlike the moves from NXT to RAW/SDL. Where’s EC3?, or Authors of Pain? Or Eric Young? Let’s face it, NXT doesn’t have a great track record with call-ups but 205 does… and can continue.

205 and Land of the Live

205 Live

The Land of the Live has so much talent waiting to be given the chance to break through. Take someone like Shane Strickland the mic, watch the the 18-inches get filled. Or even, Humberto and his cousin Angel. We saw what it did for Neville and Enzo. They were almost a 4th touring brand. And it still can be.

Let’s keep it on the Network, make it the flagship Network show, have it after NXT on Wednesday’s in Full Sail. Give them characters and time, and watch the purple brand thrive LIVE!