Included Content

The new adventure includes:

  • A comprehensive campaign guide to Eberron, a war-torn world armed with magic-fueled technology, from one of DM’s Guild bestselling titles of all time: Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron.
  • Quickly dive into your pulp adventures using the easy-to-use adventure locations crafted for the book, with maps of lightning trains, airships, floating castles, skyscrapers, and more.
  • Explore Sharn, a city of skyscrapers, airships, and noirish intrigue and a crossroads for the world’s war-ravaged peoples.
  • Include a campaign for characters venturing into the Mournland.
  • Play the artificer, the first official class to be released for 5th edition D&D since the Player’s Handbook
  • Flesh out your characters with a new game element: a group patron—a background for your whole party.
  • 16 new race/subrace options—the most of any D&D book to date—including dragonmarks, which magically transform certain members of the races in the Player’s Handbook.
  • Confront horrific monsters born from the world’s devastating wars.

Some Background On The Artificer

Now, this new D&D class has been in playtest mode in D&D Beyond for a while. The class itself, much like the Wizards, uses magic. However, they also study Arcane Sciences, and can infuse magic into mundane items.

When And Where It Will Be Released

This book will officially release into the wild on November 19th, 2019. There are going to be 2 different covers for the book. The main cover is being designed by Ben Oliver, who designed the covers for both the Curse of Strahd and Tomb of Annihilation books.

The Game Shop Exclusive Cover has been designed by Vance Kelly, who designed the alternative cover for the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes book.

The new adventure is priced at $49.95, and is currently up for pre-order on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and the D&D Beyond Marketplace. Also, the Game Shop Exclusive Cover is for pre-order at local game shops as well.