Fans were thrilled when SDCC unveiled some of the stars of Shang Chi and The Legends of The Ten Rings. Awkwafina’s role, however, has been kept under wraps. That is, until a recent rumor suggested just who she might be playing.

Marvel announced Simu Liu as Shang Chi and Tony Leung as the actual Mandarin, but Awkwafina accompanied them on stage. Though she started as a rapper, she’s been making waves as an actress since her breakout performance in Ocean’s 8. With her recent filmography, it stands to reason she’ll be someone important too.

Awkwafina the Loyal Soldier

According to the Comic Book Movie blog, a report surfaced with details about the role she may have filled. Apparently, Marvel Studios hoped to cast a female character before Comic Con. The casting call described her as a “loyal soldier” to The Mandarin. An interesting point about him is that recent comics made him into Shang Chi’s father rather than Fu Manchu. If that plot makes it into The Ten Rings, there’ll be some tension between Awkwafina and Simu Liu’s characters.

awkwafina as Fah Lo Suee
Can you see Awkwafina as Fah Lo Suee?

More importantly, if dad troubles are at play, there’s a high possibility that Awkwafina will portray Fah Lo Suee. First introduced in Master of Kung Fu #26 (1975), Fah Lo Suee was Shang Chi’s sister. Though her father was Fu Manchu, she and Shang Chi have been at each other’s throats since her debut. With her powers of hypnosis and long lifespan thanks to the Elixir Vitae, Lo Suee poses a credible threat to her brother.

Some other reports shed a potentially different light on Awkwafina’s role in Shang Chi. It seems Clive Reston will also appear in The Legend of the Ten Rings. He was a spy who worked for MI-6, which is the group Fah Lo Suee led. He was a friend and ally of Shang Chi’s, however, which sets up an interesting dynamic. Of course, that means that Leiko Wu, Clive’s girlfriend who eventually falls for Shang Chi, could also be in the film. Awkwafina might play her instead, if she isn’t the actress from the casting call.

Who do you think Awkwafina is playing, and who else do you hope is in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings? Let us know in the comments below, and check That Hashtag Show for the latest news on your favorite films.