Finn Balor vs. The Fiend

The Fiend makes his WWE debut against the leader of the Balor Club.

Balor gets his normal entrance. It’s better this way to show just how terrifying the Fiend is that Balor is uneasy around him. The real highlight is The Fiend. Balor looks truly terrified while The Fiend makes his long entrance in complete with a Bray Wyatt severed head lantern. This is no longer the campy Bray Wyatt entrance.

The action in the match wasn’t anything to write home about because it was a trouncing by The Fiend. He dominated Balor in a way we haven’t seen before. An Uranage, into the Mandible Claw and Balor was counted out after passing out.

The Fiend wins via stoppage.

Grade: A++

Holy crap. That’s how you debut a new character and make the whole world interested. The character work by Wyatt was spot on showing a Mankind-like character that has two personalities fighting for control of one body. If WWE Creative can keep up this momentum, they have a new burning hot character on their hands. I personally hope they don’t mess this up. This was my favorite part of the show.