Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens goes to war with the Boss’s Son, Shane McMahon.

Owens comes out to the biggest babyface audience reaction I’ve ever seen him get. These two guys “careers” were on the line in this match. Shane O’Mac stacked the deck further against KO announcing that Elias would be the Special Guest Enforcer for this match. Elias gets involved from the opening bell trying to distract KO. The crowd chants “Shane you suck” showing how much they like him.

The action in this one started slow with Shane doing some chicken heel moves. But once KO and him got going it was all action. Shane teased hitting the Sharpshooter on KO to a chorus of boos from the Toronto crowd. KO hits the Pop-Up Powerbomb on Shane but after a distraction from Elias, the ref couldn’t count to “3”. Shane grabs a chair and asks KO to hit him with to get a DQ. KO restrains himself from smiting McMahon long enough for Shane to get up.

The match broke down with KO hitting a senton into a Frog Splash off the top. Elias grabs the official from the apron. KO dives on top of both of them. Elias gets brutalized with chair shots to “YES!” chants from the crowd by KO. It ends weirdly with KO giving Shane a low-blow while the ref is still down into a Stunner.

Kevin Owens wins by pinfall over Shane McMahon.

Grade: B-

This didn’t feel like a comeuppance for Shane after how hot this match seemed like it was going to be after KO’s passionate promo about how Shane was taking opportunities from deserving superstars. I was expecting a more brutal match. But I guess Shane and KO had that with their Hell in a Cell match of a few years ago. Kevin Owens could be one of the hotter babyfaces that WWE has if they capitalize here. He’s hot with the crowd.