Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler

Goldberg returns from a disappointing showing in his last match to face Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler opened this bout with some time on the mic. He spouted off about how Goldberg was scared of him and how he wouldn’t even show up tonight. Cue up the stock music WCW found in the 90’s. Goldberg is looking better than he did against Undertaker in Saudi Arabia. The match actually begins.

Ziggler superkicks Goldberg to give him a bit of his own quick-twitch medicine. It stuns him, Ziggler goes for a pin and before the ref can even slap a “2” count, Goldberg is up. Repeat this spot again.

Goldberg lays Ziggler out with a Spear out of the ref’s second count. Then a Jackhammer. And a 1,2,3. A traditional, Goldberg vs. Jobber match.

Goldberg wins via pinfall over Ziggler.

Grade: C+

This match was not anything to show what Goldberg is all about. Ziggler was the star of this segment with a standard, boring, Goldberg match. Ziggler’s spouting before, during, and after the match was the true highlight. A heel that can’t tell he just got his ass kicked. I can’t think of a better person to sell Goldberg’s offense at this point than Ziggler. A nice break for the action.