Another week, another round of video game news. Here’s what mattered this week.

Vide Game News No. 5. No Man’s Sky Getting A VR Update And More

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No Man’s Sky’s redemption is a huge story coming out of gaming this year. It’s getting another update dropping August 14th. The new update features VR support and exploring the galaxy murdering Brontosaurus-like creatures. In addition to that will be an updated Multiplayer function that’s more functional than the current system involving weird orbs. Hello Games is teasing a third huge update but they’re being tight-lipped about it currently.

4.New Friendship-Ruining Game Heave Ho Out On Steam

Video Game news; Heave Ho

At Number 4 in this week’s video game news is Heave Ho. The latest from independent studio Le Cartel and Devolver Digital, Heave ho is a party game where you and your friends must throw each other across a level to win. The game-play looks to be hilariously rage inducing, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing the “lets plays” on it. Heave Ho comes out on Steam in late August. Check it out here.

3. The First Dinosaur MMO, Path of Titans Drops in December

Everyone has at least one dinosaur friend somewhere in the world. This game is just for them! At launch you can play as ten different dinosaurs, all with different strategies and play-styles. With a planned fifteen more dinos after launch. This is big video game news. The team is looking to include cross-platform on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, in addition to localization in 30 languages. Path of Titans was completely crowdfunded, and got past their 8th level of funding in less than 10 days. You could say there’s a demand.

Check out the Website here

2.Greedfall Gets A Release Date

Greedfall, a pirate themed action game, releases September 10th, with pre-release already underway. It’s a cross between Kingdome Come: Deliverance, Assassin’s Creed, and the Witcher. To get a better vibe of what it has in store, check out the video below.

Video Game News No. 1. Fortnite Shows Off Large Prize Pools

Kyle Giersdorf A.K.A. Bugha. Winner Winner…

World championship of Fortnite was this week. The First Place Solo Winner, Kyle Giersdorf won 3 million dollars, with Duos players winning 1.5 million (Aqua and Nyhrox ). These huge prize pools are drawing more eyes to the ESports arena, including the mass media. Many of these outlets are still spouting that ESports aren’t a legitimate competition. To put the solo win in perspective, that’s more money that Tiger Woods made at The Masters. How much longer will it take for ESports to be recognized as a legitimate sport?

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