Story Synopsis: All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1: Communication Breakdown

The Guardians steal a baby universe, but their client blackmails them into stealing from The Collector.  Find out if they can steal from The Collector himself and survive in this weeks Comic Rewind, All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1: Communication Breakdown

As the Guardians were escaping from prison they saw a brand new ship, the Milano.  However, the ship’s owner was the Shi’ar Empire’s Fraternity Of Raptors. They used to serve the Shi’ar Empire, but now they mostly served themselves.  The Guardians now have another price on there heads from a group you really don’t want to have looking for you.

However, the Guardians were as of yet unaware and have taken on a mission to steal a baby universe which was supposed to be delivered to The Collector.  When the Guardians delivered this universe their client was revealed to be The Collector’s brother, The Grandmaster. However, their work was far from done.  They were given a choice. The Guardians could steal an egg from The Collector or Grandmaster could tell his brother who just stole the baby universe from him.

Comic Guardians Of The Galaxy

Stealing from The Collector’s personal collection was a suicide mission, but if anyone could do it the Guardians Of The Galaxy could.

All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1: Communication Breakdown was written by Gerry Duggan with art by Aaron Kuder, Marcus To and Ive Svorcina.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2017.

Dropped In Mid-Story And Lost

I liked this story, but the reader was dropped in mid-story in a lot of ways.  Things are alluded to, which is fine, but some things need to be explained. An example is they fought Thanos and put him in space jail.  I completely understand and accept that happened with no further questions. However, Drax is now a pacifist. Let me say this again Drax The Destroyer no longer destroys.  I would really like to know the reasoning behind that, but we are never given it.

Comic Guardians Of The Galaxy

Too Many Guardians Of The Galaxy Subplots

The comic is also way too busy with subplots.  We have the Guardians story, Gamora searching for a lost piece of herself, Fraternity Of Raptors, a field of baby Groots and the Collector and Grandmaster feud.  Any one of these subplots could be a well written and satisfactory story, but none of them come to a satisfying ending by the end of this volume. Every time one of the different plots got interesting it changed to a different plot and lost all momentum.

Duggan Has The Voice For The Guardians Of The Galaxy Perfect

Duggan has the Guardians voice down and did a good job writing them.  Well aside from Drax not willing to fight. The parts of the Guardians everyone loves are still there.  All the humor, quick-wit remarks and chemistry between the Guardians are all very much intacted.

There is a bunch of good stories in this volume, but necessary connections are not made in order to make the volume good.  I liked the story but was not left unsatisfied and my eyeballs demand satisfaction.



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