DC showed The Batwoman pilot was Saturday morning to those lucky to find a spot in the Ballroom 20 audience.


The panel also included a bit of a Q&A which revealed some awesome tidbits:

  • Burt Ward, who played Robin in the Batman television series from the 1960’s, will make a cameo appearance in the show!
  • Tommy Elliot will be on the show, and he will eventually become the villain Hush. This will be somewhat of an origin story for the character.
  • Season One will be heavily based on Elegy. Which was a series run of Batwoman written by Greg Rucka. It is also the first modern appearance of Batwoman.

Batwoman tackles issue of diversity

  • A huge shout out was given to Greg Berlanti for laying the groundwork of representation to getting them to a place where we could have a lead superhero that is gay.
  • Point Rock Academy will play a big part in Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) story, especially after she is kicked out for being a lesbian. The first season will show how that affected her life going forward.
  • The Batwoman series WILL NOT repeat villains from the Arrowverse, and they will be bringing in “a new chapter” of heroes and villains.”
  • Anything is possible in regards to Batman showing up, but this is Kate Kane’s show and they will focus on her. He will play a part in each episode, as Kate writes journals to him.
  • Alice (played by Rachel Skarsten) will the the first season’s main villain. There are more villains that will show up, but they’re keeping them close to the vest for the time being.

Batwoman premieres on October 6th on The CW, and will be the new lead in to Supergirl.