CM Punk is coming to Starrcast III! The Voice of The Voiceless is going to be making an appearance at the professional wrestling convention that has been attached to All Elite Wrestling events going back to ALL IN last year in Chicago. This year, the third Starrcast will take place the same weekend as AEW’s ALL OUT.

We wanted to bring something unique and that hasn’t been done before at Starrcast. I’ve always wanted to have Punk at Starrcast but the timing was never right, and I’m really excited that the stars have aligned for this August. Fans are going to get what they’ve wanted for a long time, and that is CM Punk with a live mic. It’s going to happen at Starrcast.

Head of Starrcast, Conrad Thompson

Punk did have an autograph signing at last year’s ALL IN event at Pro Wrestling Tees, with a line that appeared to never end. This year, he’ll be doing something a little more formal with Starrcast. A Q&A in CM Punk’s hometown.

CM Punk on RAW
Hey, Starrcast, how you doin’?

CM Punk has seemingly shied away from the sport of professional wrestling. Fans still chant his name at WWE events, and they’ve been waiting for his official in-ring return since early 2014. He has only made two wrestling related appearance since then. One in 2015 for Freelance Wrestling, and another more recently under a mask at MKE Wrestling.

While Punk’s only scheduled appearance that weekend is the Q&A at Starrcast, fans have once again begun the speculation that CM Punk will be appearing at ALL OUT. The Young Bucks have touched on the matter, saying that they think Punk wants to return to the ring “at this time”. “Matt talks to him all the time about it but the timing is not right, I guess.”

Perhaps the timing is August 31st, at ALL OUT? We will all find out during All Elite Wrestling’s third official event.