[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Star Wars Issue 68] If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Star Wars comics, you were probably surprised to learn that Han Solo had a wife before Leia. Okay, fine, she wasn’t really his wife, but Sana Starros and Han Solo did share an… interesting relationship. Well, it seems Han isn’t the only one to have had a questionable, past liaison. In Star Wars Issue 68, we get to learn of Leia Organa’s secretive past, as well.

Star Wars Issue 68; Han Solo; Leia Organa
Image: Marvel Comics.

As comicbook.com notes, the issue starts off a new story arc for the comic series. Thus far the series has followed the saga in the time following the original Star Wars. We’ve seen Han Solo lead Rogue Squadron, and even how the Millennium Falcon ended up in such bad shape in The Empire Strike Back. Now we begin the story of the Alliance fending off Vader’s search for the Rebels and Luke Skywalker. Star Wars Issue 68, however, also gives us something else: insight into Leia’s past.

Leia has a secret past in Star Wars Issue 68

Star Wars Issue 68
Image: Marvel Comics.

The story sees Han Solo and Leia Organa undertake a decoy mission in hopes of luring the Empire away from the Rebellion. In doing so they inadvertently encounter a figure from Leia’s past. Like Han with Sana, Leia too appears to have had her own sordid affair. Her former beau? The mysterious Dar Champion.

When Han and Leia encounter some trouble in Star Wars Issue 68, Champion appears to assist. When he does, it’s obvious that he and Leia have a connection. That, of course, leads Han to jealously question their savior’s identity. That’s when Leia drops a thermal detonator into her relationship with the Corellian scoundrel:

Leia:    “Remember when we found out you had a wife?”

Han:    “We’ve been over this. Sana wasn’t my wife.”

Leia:    “Okay, fine… Then Dar Champion is not my boyfriend.”

Image: Marvel Comics

… and thus ends Star Wars Issue 68. It’s on sale now; to learn more about Leia and Dar Champion, however, you’ll have to wait until July 24th when the next Marvel Comics issue of Star Wars arrives.

Source: comicbook.com