Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now open at Disneyland in California. The park expansion is set to open August 29th in Florida, as well. There it will open inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort, as well. The new area is the biggest expansion for Walt Disney World in the park’s history. part of that expansion will include a new Star Wars hotel!

The Star Wars Hotel: What We Do Know?

A related Star Wars-related feature opening at Disney World is the new Star Wars hotel. Disney announced that back in 2017 at the D23 Expo, but hasn’t given much in the way of further detail. However, we did get some concept pieces in November:

Star Wars Hotel; Walt Disney World
Star Wars Hotel
Star Wars Hotel; Walt Disney World

Disney has said before that:

The Star Wars-themed hotel at Walt Disney World Resort will be seamlessly connected to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The luxury resort, announced at D23 Expo 2017, will completely immerse guests into an authentic Star Wars story at Walt Disney Resort—and that immersion will start the moment guests arrive! The journey through space will begin as you board a starship and depart with your fellow guests on a multi-day Star Wars adventure that will be connected to the new land being built at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.