Earlier today ‘The Star Wars Show’ revealed the next Stormtrooper variant to appear in Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker. This actually confirms a rumor from awhile back about a new red stormtrooper. While the look is not very new, the title brings a world of questions. First off take a look at the new, red, Sith trooper:

Red First Order Sith Trooper
Sith Trooper Black Series Figure

First Impressions on a Recurring Theme

Red is nothing new to Star Wars. Darth Sidious started it with his red Royal Guards. Captain Phasma had an opposing commander named Cardinal that used red stormtrooper armor, and more recently in Episode IIX we had Snoke’s elite guard. The color itself is not that impressive, but it does beg a question we will come back to later.

Looking at the armor itself, however, is rather impressive. Other troopers have had suits of armor, but this outfit looks much more form fitting than other versions. It looks to hug the body and give the wearer a much easier time maneuvering in close quarter combat.

There is also a TON of detailing. The helmet does have the fitting First Order design, but the shape actually looks closer to the old school Deathtrooper design. The helmet and several places on the body armor are striated as is the body suit. As a whole it is rather impressive.

What’s in a Name?

The look and name of this new trooper do pose several questions. Let us start with the name. SITH Trooper. This marks the first time the title of Sith has been used in the new trilogy. Snoke and Kylo were powerful force users, but neither was a Sith Lord.

Thanks to the Ep IX trailer, we do know Sidious returns, so the Sith are alive once more. It is an easy assumption these troopers will be associated with him, but if they are what does that say about Sidious’ involvement with the First Order. To this point we assume he has had nothing to do with the Order, and in fact has been dead this whole time. We assume Rey and the gang will find him in the Deathstar wreckage, but if he has red, first order troopers now, he has been getting out into the galaxy.

The Trail of Red

Ep III Royal Guard

As I stated above, red is nothing new to the Star Wars universe, but if you look at the trail red soldiers have left across the universe, it does pose some interesting questions.

Red started with Sidious. He changed the blue senate guard into his own red, elite guard, which stood by him for nearly 20 years. Cardinal and Major Vonreg from Resistance used red armor, but those were personal moves not Imperial/Sith issue. It is Snoke that wraps himself in red. Not only were his elite troops red, but his throne room was steeped in red as well.

Snoke as far as we know was never Sith. At least the title was never used. Does the red around Snoke hint at more of a link between him and Sidious? We know handing over the thinned down remnant of the Empire was Sidious dying design, but we lack the specifics of the connection. No doubt that story will be filled in post epIX.

Does the red of the Sith troopers deepen the connections between Snoke and Sidious? Or is it simply the color of power in the Star Wars universe? We shall find out in about five months.

The Face on Things to Come

Those not wanting to wait, the trademark convention of the year, San Diego Comicon, happens next week. Check back for more details on all the Sith Trooper merchandise that will be available at SDCC. It appears that as Phasma and Kylo were the faces of merchandise for the past two years, we have found the face of EpIX merchandise.