My favorite Star Wars moment is when…

favorite Star Wars moment
*YAWN* being a ghost is so exhausting.

…a ghost gets tired and has to sit down on a log. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke encounters Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Force ghost on Dagobah. During their conversation the Force ghost, as in an ethereal being, visibly tires and has to plop down on a log. Hey, being a ghost is hard work, okay? Especially when you’re basically a guardian angel to Luke Skywalker.

Stormtroopers (last time, I promise)

Ewoks put a beat-down on Imperial Stormtroopers. The best troopers, believe me.

“…an entire legion of my best troops awaits them.” The Emperor said that to Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi in reference to the trap he’d laid on Endor. Of course, that entire legion of best troops was then basically wiped out by a bunch of primitive murder-bears with sticks and rocks. So… yeah.

My favorite Star Wars moment is when…

favorite Star Wars moment
Boba Fett? Where???

… the most feared, and supposedly lethal bounty hunter in the galaxy is suddenly swallowed by a giant sand vagina. (Credit to reader Anth Richardson for this gem.) Yes, Boba Fett, iconic bounty hunter, deadly warrior, was defeated by a blind guy with a stick and then fell into the Sarlacc pit. And yet to this day he’s one of the most beloved characters in all of Star Wars. Go figure.

And last but not least:

We will wipe the Resistance out with our super… weap… crap.

“My favorite Star Wars moment is when” the First Order, apparently believing that the third time’s a charm, builds yet another, flawed superweapon that is destroyed in the same, basic manner as the first two. Obliterate planets and space cruisers? No problem. But put the same Death Star or Starkiller Base up against a plucky pilot in a starfighter (or worse, a “hunk of junk”) and, as the late, great, Bill Paxton said in Aliens: “game over, man!”

There are plenty many more moments like these in Star Wars. What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.