Detective Comics 1007 is a brilliant comic in so many ways. On the surface it is a fantastic issue of detective work and fist-a-cuffs, but underneath there are tons of foils and contrast. Batman and Spectre may be two different crime fighters, but how different are they really?

Detective Comics 1007: Cover To Cover

Both of the DC covers are incredible. The A cover has the amazing look of Batman with his full, flowing cape and large bat ears. Spectre charges down at Batman with his cape billowing behind him. This cover shows the epicness of both characters to their fullest.

Cover B is a gorgeous cover with Spectre and Batman, each in a heroic pose fitting their characters. The detail of the capes and outfits looks fantastic. The cover has a very gothic feel to it.

The Great Detective

Bruce Wayne using his computers to analyze the crime scene.
The World’s Greatest Detective

There are two things I love about Detective Comics 1007. The first is the detail it gives to Batman as a detective. It is perhaps his greatest strength, and at the same time one of his most overlooked when it comes to the movies. He IS the world’s greatest detective, and this issue shows Bruce hard at work sleuthing the scene to discover what happened.

I will admit it took me back a bit to see Bruce working with such detailed computers and programs. I am used to Bruce being a more old school detective. Tim Drake for many years was his bridge to the modern computer world. Batman moved beyond Tim some time ago. Tim must have taught him a great deal as his tech is near Tony Stark levels. It was still great to see the comic focusing on his detective work.

Batman/Spectre – How Different Are They?

Bruce face off with Spectre in dinosaur mode.
Fright Vs Terror

The other great thing about this issue is the simple pairing of Batman with Spectre. Batman teamed up with many heroes over the years. Some pairings are special. Some pairings were simply something different. Spectre does a great job of showcasing Batman’s qualities and true personality. They make a fascinating pair.

Batman scares criminals into giving him what he needs. Spectre is terror. Batman even eludes to this later in the issue when they tried to interrogate an Arkham prisoner. Batman states “I never thought I’d be perceived as the good cop.” Batman has limits. Spectre does not.

One With a Line. One Without.

The pages of Detective Comics 1007 are filled with brutal and well drawn fighting. I do not know of too many that could stand against both Batman and Spectre, but in many ways the biggest battle is actually between the Dark Knight and the Green Ghost.

Batman fights with the best of them and will do ALMOST anything to win; However, he has one unbreakable rule, and is the only hero with this rule. The Bat DOES NOT KILL. Spectre on the other hand doesn’t care. Kill them all and let the afterlife sort them out. Since he goes after bad people, the ledgers should be square.

Batman makes Spectre swear that if he helps him get Corrigan back, Spectre will not kill anyone. Spectre agrees, but through out the fight he doesn’t miss the line by much. In fact it reminds me of Iago the parrot from Aladdin 2 “You would be amazed what you can live through.”

In so many ways Spectre and Batman are so alike. They are the fiercest of fighters against evil and injustice, but Batman has principles. Spectre mirrors a Batman without principles. If Bruce Wayne ever lost control and stopped caring, He would look just like Spectre. They make a great foil to each other. They also make one ask – Is there a right way to fight evil?

Despite being a great duo, as soon as Corrigan is free, Batman kicks them out of Gotham. Some times its hard to see ones true self in the mirror. The only thing better than this issue is the tease for next issue – The Joker Returns!