Dr. Mario World

The New Dr. Mario World is here and, like most modern remakes, it’s only loosely based on the original and half as fun.  That’s not to say it’s bad, the game is addictive and quite enjoyable, but for hardcore Dr. Mario fans of the original Tetris competitor, it leaves a lot to be desired. Available today, this modern version seems to have more in common with games like Candy Crush then it’s original NES cartage namesake.

The original Dr. Mario was released in 1990 for the NES and was, let’s be honest, a rip-off of Tetris.  And what a great rip-off it was, spawning endless remakes and ports, all of which I have logged countless hours on.  Now in, 2019, Nintendo has decided to continue the tradition of ripping off other content for Dr. Mario and apply it to Candy Crush. Hey, it worked back then, why not today?!

The game follows the familiar path of the original; various multi-colored tiles (read, “Viruses”) must be destroyed by matching them with falling (Read, “Rising”) multi-colored tiles  (Read, “Pills”). This aspect is, literally, just flip of all Dr. Mario’s that have come before it. Where the pills fell at increasing speeds instead of rising as they do in today’s newest edition.  And that’s about where it ends for the Dr.Mario aspects of the game.

Dr. Mario World – Candy Rush Redux?

The Candy Crush comparison comes in here, with a comical map screen path to follow, various bombs and special tiles to clear the board or lines with, and an easier (read, “slower”) game play for players to fall into.

On a personal note, I woke up this morning and saw the email from

informing me of the game’s availability and literally leapt out of bed with joy. As my wife went back to sleep, my two kids came running into the room to what I was dancing about and eagerly looked over my shoulder as I began my initial play through.  Soon enough, they wrestled the phone from my hands as my disappointment set in and have continued to play it hours after my turn had ended.  Even now, my son is sitting next to me playing as I wrote this review.

The game isn’t bad.  It’s just not what I want in a Dr. Mario game.  My expectations were at their peak after the fantastic Tetris 99, a perfect remake of the original, which turned the classic puzzler into a Fortnite-esk, battle royal.

Also, as the original is a rip-off itself, I do not blame or fault Nintendo for copying such a classic game as Candy Crush for their new app. And although this game isn’t for me, both my kids seem to truly enjoy it, showing that maybe Nintendo is on to something, even if it’s beyond my love for the series.