The Black Series Ezra and Chopper 6” figures are finally available, nearly completing the entire Ghost crew from Rebels.

Black Series; Ezra; Rebels
Image from Black Series Ezra and Chopper Review

Hasbro announced the release of Ezra and Chopper at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. It took nearly a year for them to finally hit the shelves. Both figures capture the essence of the animated characters astonishingly well, as is expected from the Black Series.

Black Series Ezra

Black Series Ezra
Black Series Ezra from review

Jeremy Konrad from wrote a fantastic review about the portrayal of Ezra in a recent post. The Black Series Ezra is from the first two seasons of Rebels. He is wearing his jumpsuit and vest, his stolen Imperial cadet helmet and shin guard, and wielding his unique lightsaber/blaster combo. The individual pieces, including the helmet, are removable.

According to Konrad, Hasbro nailed the colors, sculpting, and design of the figure. The only flaws of the Black Series Ezra are 1) the lightsaber blade is near impossible to remove from the hilt and 2) the ankle joints are so loose that the figure has difficulty standing. 


Black Series Chopper
Black Series Chopper from review

B. Acree from reviewed the chopper figure. Chopper comes with surprising detail including 3 retractable “arms” (2 from his head and one from his midsection). Hilariously, Chopper also comes with an extra leg strut from the Rebels episode “The Forgotten Droid”. Finally, Chopper wouldn’t be complete without the flame-shaped stand to represent his rocket mode.

The Rebels TV series debuted in 2014, and Hasbro has been releasing the Ghost’s crew at a frustrating slow rate. Kannan Jarrus, Ahsoka, and Sabine Wren first appeared in 2016. Then Hera Syndulla came in  2017. With Ezra and C1-10p or “Chopper” now available, the only remaining crew member is Garazeb Orrelios or “Zeb”. It is likely that Hasbro will announce that Zeb will be available in 2020 during the upcoming 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.