Sure, people are eagerly anticipating more, official news regarding Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Many had hoped for an Episode IX panel and SDCC 2019, however it seems Lucasfilm is holding that event for the D23 Expo in August. Notwithstanding, fans are equally clamoring for more information the first ever, live-action Star Wars series in franchise history. It seems we’ve gotten it via new Mandalorian promo art …. Or have we?

Jon Favreau, producer of The Manadalorian, kicked of a fury of speculation when he posted an Instagram photo of what appeared to be IG-88. The assassin droid, if you recall, was among those tasked with finding the Millennium Falcon in The Empire Strikes Back. Our friends over at Making Star Wars recently posted some Mandalorian promo art the seemingly confirms that IG-88 will not appear in The Mandalorian.

New Mandalorian promo art?

The report suggests that is now selling t-shirts featuring new Mandalorian promo art. Among them is this design, which indicates the assassin droid is IG-11, and not IG-88 as some previously believed:

Mandalorian promo art; IG-11
Image credit unknown

Among the other designs are a couple featuring Pedro Pascal in his Mandalorian armor. While this artwork is stunning… we here at That Hashtag Show question its authenticity. A thorough search of multiple Amazon sites, including in the US and the UK, turned up zero merchandise featuring the Mandalorian promo art pictured in this article.

Is this new Mandalorian promo art?
Image credit unknown.

Likewise, even a more expansive Google search turned up nothing other articles all referring back to the Making Star Wars post. That we cannot independently corroborate the information certainly gives us pause.

Notwithstanding, the report does make sense and supports a theory we posted here some time ago, namely that the assassin droid to appear in show is not, in fact, IG-88. Plus… the alleged Mandalorian promo art, if legitimate, is pretty cool.

Image credit unknown.

Stay tuned here to That Hashtag Show for more on this story, and The Mandalorian in general!

Source: Making Star Wars