Trailer for Knives Out

Rian Johnson has been hard at work on his first film post The Last Jedi. The future of his Star Wars trilogy remains in limbo, but that does not mean he has not been hard at work. Today we finally received our first trailer for his current work – Knives Out.

Knives Out: A New Take On an Old Story

The Knives Out trailer looks like nothing new. Murder on the Orient Express, Clue, It looks to be your typical murder mystery/who done it movie. Why would Rian remake a movie style that so many before him completed?

If we know anything of Rian Johnson it is to never expect the expected. Looper jumped around enough to keep movie goers guessing for some time. The Last Jedi was both loved and hated for not being what fans expected. I do not see this movie being any different. Although it seems like a tired trope, expect this movie to takes twists and turns that should keep watchers either guessing or having fun with the story.

So Why See This?

Knives Out

The number one thing that excites me about this movie is the cast! This will be another one of those movies that may get a bit tired and cliche (doubt it), but will be made worth it by the sheer weight of the cast! In the trailer we catch a glimpse of Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Michael Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Chris Plummer, Don Johnson and Yoda himself, Frank Oz! This rich and quirky cast look to play off each other in full quirk. Each actor appears to take the traits they do best and bounce it off the other actors doing the same thing.

Captain America Language
Cap’s Response to the Trailer

What better example than Chris Evan in full Johnny Storm mode. He takes the arrogant attitude he did so well in Fantastic Four and nails two hilarious scenes. The first he goes around the room “Up your ass. In fact eat shit. Eat shit. Eat shit. Definitely eat shit,” he says as he points at every one in the room. Then his final line of “What is this? NCIS-KFC?” What would Captain America say!?

Add in Jamie Lee Curtis and Daniel Craig’s off beat detective role and this movie not only looks fun but promises some hilarious hi-jinks. Knives Out releases November 27th.