Seth Rollins and Will Ospreay have been in a bit of a war on Twitter the past couple of days.

Will Ospreay in the ring

Man thought the war of words on social media would be mainly between WWE and AEW wrestlers, but we were proved wrong this past weekend. WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins took to twitter first. Stating that WWE is the “best pro wrestling on the planet. Period”. After the show, he tweeted the following:

Doubling down. Best pro wrestling on the planet. See that Cruiserweight Triple Threat? And that’s just one night, one match amongst the many. Find anyone else alive who does what I do as well as I do it as often as I do it. Ya can’t. #WWEStompingGrounds #UniversalChampion @WWE

@WWERollins on Twitter

The current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Will Ospreay, responded quickly.

Things probably could have stopped there, but Rollins went hard in the paint with his reply. Mentioning that WWE already had a “better version” of Ospreay in Ricochet. Rollins also referred to Ospreay as “little guy” and “buddy”. The banter went back and forth for a couple of tweets, with a couple of others jumping in. The likes of Baron Corbin and Chris Jericho took jabs at Ospreay and Rollins respectively.

Rollins & Ospreay: Friendly Banter?

Boom. ESPN’s Marc Raimondi spoke with Ospreay about the war of words with Seth Rollins.

I just think it’s a little bit of friendly banter. I love Rollins. Rollins is the absolute don. He’s the man, you know what I mean? He’s one of the best wrestlers ever – period. Bu you asked the question. You asked, find me someone alive. As far as I’m concerned, I’m breathing. There’s oxygen in my lungs. I think the last time I heard about an amazing Seth Rollins match was his one against A.J. and if you can’t get a good match out of A.J. Styles, then I think you should leave the planet.

I’m still here, I’m still breathing. And I think my run this year – not just in New Japan, in the indies and everywhere I’ve been – is I don’t half ass anything. I don’t do a terrible TV match. I just go hard every single night. If you give me an opportunity to show what I can do, I do it.”

Did Seth Rollins go over the line by calling Ospreay a “little guy”? Whether you think he did or not, Ospreay already has a new piece of merch for it: