Daniel’s 4th Pick: T.J. (Red Turbo Ranger)

TJ Red Turbo Ranger

T.J. deserves to be made into the Lightning Collection for not only being the first Black Red Ranger and leader of the team, but let’s get real, he was the real leader of the In Space team also, which we already said is one of the best seasons ever!

Joe’s 4th Pick: Astronema


Let’s all be honest. We all wanted an Astronema figure during the Power Rangers in Space series. Not only does this character have one of the best backstories and redemption arcs in Power Rangers history but the head swap Karone would be awesome and you know it!

Jezzer’s 4th Pick: Darkonda

Darkonda; Lightning collection

Darkonda might have been what made Power Rangers in Space so great! He was the true villain of the season and deserves to have his own Lightning Collection action figure.

What did you guys think of our list? Who would be in your Lightning Collection Wave 3? Leave a message in the comments below.