GameStop’s ThinkGeek is shutting down its internet doors and moving into GameStop’s backpages.

GameStop CEO George Sherman addressed a concern in regard to redundancies in its collectibles merchandise areas between the separately branded stores:

What we’ll do with ThinkGeek is produce a redirect. So, we’ll be leveraging off the GameStop platform to still have a presence for ThinkGeek, and still have that brand at least initially, while we consolidate the backend operations,.

On their website, ThinkGeek answered some burning questions in regard to what whether not they were going away. It’s still a thing, for now, as “a curated selection of unique items historically found on in a ThinkGeek section at GameStop”. How long it stays around is kind of up in the air.

GameStop Affiliate Shuts Its Internet Doors

The secondary GameStop brand first jumped online in 1999, founded by GeekNet and then acquired by GameStop in 2015. It was the destination online shop for special and unique collectibles in the “geek pop culture” area. Not too long after, Game Stop moved its affiliate into brick and mortar space with its first retail location. The brand grew to over 40 physical locations. 

GameStop will “still have that brand at least initially” but the site is being shut down July 2, though physical stores are said to remain open for business. Yahoo! reported administrative and web staff was laid off by June 7. May 1 ThinkGeek marked all clearance items to 75% off and is giving 50% off sitewide at present.

How long the brand name of ThinkGeek stays around remains to be seen. But this usually is the case some years after a buyout from another company. 

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