MCU movie leaks continued

  • Black Panther 2 – Killmonger will appear in the spiritual plane. The film will feature Queen Divine Justice, and will be political.
  • Doctor Strange 2 – Christine Palmer, Wong, Mordo and the Ancient One will all reappear in the MCU. Lord Nightmare will be the villain. Mordo will be a complex, sympathetic antagonist like Loki. Clea and Brother Vodoo will appear. Asian actresses eyed for Clea. Parts of the movie will be set in the 180’s.
Marvel Studios; MCU
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – The High Evolutionary will be the main villain and Rocket’s creator. Rocket will fall in love with another of the High Evolutionary’s experiments, Lylla. Drax will find out that his daughter is still alive. Star-Lord and Nebula will become closer as they search for Gamora. Thor will be in the movie and meet Beta Ray Bill, who might be another of the High Evolutionary’s experiments. Quasar and Adam Warlock also rumored to appear, with Zac Effron reportedly eyed for Adam in the MCU.

Let’s not forget the Disney+ leaks

  • Falcon & Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki and Hawkeye are in development for Disney+, but the characters will still feature in the movies. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four will not appear until Phase 5.
  • Loki – Anthology chronicling how Loki shaped human historical events.
  • Hawkeye – Hawkeye has to come out of retirement (again) when troublemaker Kate Bishop begins running around claiming to be the new Hawkeye and gets into trouble with the mob. Ends up training her to take his place. Supernatural mobster The Hood and Hawkeye’s evil brother Trickshot might appear.
American Falcon from Marvel comics
  • Falcon & Winter Soldier – Falcon and Bucky have to work together with a new government-sanctioned Captain America to stop terrorists from destroying the United Nations. New Cap eventually goes psycho and they have to stop him. Seems like it’ll lead to Sam becoming the new Cap after all.
  • Wandavision – Vision gets rebuild, Wanda tries to give him a soul and he instead gets possessed by a dark force. Allegedly it’s more of a psychological thriller with a 1950’s aesthetic. Wanda and Vision end up living in the suburbs where the neighborhood is racist against Wanda’s robosexuality. The witch Agatha Harkness might appear.

There’s a lot of info contained in these leaks. Again, absolutely none of it is confirmed. It will be interesting as Kevin Feige starts to officially release their Phase 4 plans how much of this ends up more than rumor.  Keep check back to ThatHashTagShow for follow ups and watch for my next article on the leaks coming from the mysterious Roger Wardell Twitter account.