E3, known as the Gamer’s Christmas, as it drops trailers and notes on games for which fans are dying for more information. The games leave the realm of dreams and become tangible with trailers and game play footage. This year we got to see the trailer for the forthcoming Avengers game that has been floating around in silent production for some time.

Here is the Avengers: A-Day trailer for the game, due out May 2020:

Avengers: A-Day Trailer

That looks pretty sweet. Of course Cinematics always look incredible. Warcraft mastered the Cinematic movie scenes long ago. There was no gameplay footage showing health bars and targeting, but it still looks great.

New Avengers Game: A-Day Trailer Presentation Notes

That Hashtag Show’s own John King was at the presentation and made the following notations:

This is an all new story never told before. They brought out some sort of experimental tech, and it was heisted. In the process, San Francisco gets leveled. Captain America dies when his Helicarrier is destroyed. Blame gets passed around as to who was responsible for the tech being stolen and detonated. This game starts from there and shows how the Avengers pull it all back together.

What About Character Design for New Avengers Game?

Avengers: A-Day Trailer

When asked about the character faces and armor builds in the trailer, the panel responded with the following: We wanted to put our spin on it, change the characters faces, change those costumes as the game progresses for players. While this story is original, creators based it off of 60 years of Marvel designs. Players will note a new SHIELD logo.

The panel also revealed the cast of voices for the new Avengers game:

  • Capt America: Jeff Shine
  • Black widow: Laura Bailey
  • Thor: Travis Willingham
  • Bruce: Troy Baker
  • Iron man: Nolan North

How Will the Game Be Set Up?

When it comes to game play, players will be able to level up their Avengers team members individually and unlock new skills. Heroes are unique, and you use up to 4 characters. Players play missions, while the main narrative weaves through it. Players can play with friends only. You will have to play one specific character at certain points, but you can just play as any other one otherwise.

There was rather dubious question about the new Avengers game, and I am not sure how happy the answer will make people. When they were ask if this was a live service game or contain DLC expansions, the answer was: It will be a combination of both. I guess have your wallet standing by even after you buy the game. However, they did say this is not a pay2play game.

The expansions could be good though. Notice one major difference between this game and the Avengers movies? The team is short Hawkeye. They said Hawkeye will become a playable character down the road. They did not specify how. Another interesting fact is this game is in partnership with PlayStation and Spider-Man. Could the web slinger cross in to this game or from past Marvel games by chance? No comment.

Also players will be given a mini-ray gun in-game (upon launch I believe). The game is due out May 15, 2020.