I really like Catwoman #12. We get lots of action, advance the story and get some of the info which leads us where the comic tends to go. It has been awhile since Catwoman has had so much to do.

Cover To Cover

I love the two covers for Catwoman #12. The first one gives us a great look in the new era Catsuit. It also hints at the dress up she will be doing later in the issue. The second cover looks like roughly 60’s era Batman and Robin pulling back the comic cover to reveal a same era Catwoman, attractively drawn in her old purple and green dress. It is very realistic and a nice throwback to an older era.

Hit the Gas!

We pick up the action with Carlos and Catwoman racing down the streets. Cop cars of varying numbers pursue them. Catwoman knows the city and knows how to drive. Through out the pursuit we get some nice car banging and fast driving. It translates well on the pages as you read through the story. Eventually, Catwoman reaches the docks where an ally hides her in a freight container, causing the cops to lose her for good.

The Puzzle of the Map To the Treasure

One thing I really like about this issue is the way it intersperses the car chase with the exposition that has to take place. In between turns we learn that the artifact Catwoman stole from Mrs Creel on behalf of Penguin is actually part of a map that leads to immortal pools of water (Al Ghul Immortality pools?) The problem is that the map is incomplete. It misses a mask to complete the map.

We get a nice little scene of Catwoman being her thieving self, causing a distraction and stealing said mask. She gets it back to the hideout, but there in lies the current problem.

While the cops chase Catwoman and we see teh backstory of Selina stealing the mask, one more thread is woven into the design. Mrs Creel, in all her Tales From the Crypt glory, tells a tale of child loss and other pitiful tales. Mrs Creel threatens the person she is talking too.

About the same time we are shown the new problem from Carlos’ point of view and Mrs Creel’s. The person Mrs Creel is threatening, bound and gagged, is none other than Carlos’ mother, Carlos, back at the lair figures out his mother is missing, He screams to Catwoman for help.

One Last Piece

One last thing of not takes place in this issue. On the final page of Catwoman #12, someone has put the stolen mask into the bag where it belonged in the hands of the statue. It glows and pulsates with Mags sitting right next to her. Is something about to happen to Mags?

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