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Bayley And Banks With The IIconics. Courtesy Of WWE

Sasha Banks has been reported to be filming content for the WWE 2K20 video game.

Banks working with WWE in any capacity at this point is good news.  However, her level of involvement has not been reported. Banks being an extra in the background is a lot different than her cutting a promo on camera.  For all we know she could be filming content because she is on the WWE 2K20 cover.

Sasha Banks Reportedly Not Happy With WWE Booking

This may not seem like very big news, but she has been missing since her and Bayley dropped the Women’s Tag Titles at Wrestlemania in April.  Dave Meltzer and many others on the internet had reported she was unhappy with the way she was told she would be dropping the titles to The IIconics.  The reports are her and Bayley were told right before the Wrestlemania event they would be losing.

Banks was allegedly having a meltdown and reportedly wanted to quit the company.  She was given a cooling off period in which could give her career in WWE more thought.  However, Banks has been absent since April. This has led to speculation whether or not she is trying to wait out her contract to be released.  Furthermore rumors are abound with her wanting to join AEW.

However, if this was true she would be waiting years.  She signed a multi-year contract with WWE last year. WWE’s policy on contracts is if you can’t/wouldn’t work they add the time the wrestler missed to their contract.  If she missed six months then six additional months get added onto her contract before she can be released. This is what happened to Luke Harper.

No Concrete Sources On Sasha Banks Situation But One

The internet is buzzing about where she is and everyone is talking about it.  However, no one has any concrete sources on her feelings about WWE or dropping the Tag Titles.  Everyone including Meltzer has heard from someone at WWE, but not “I heard from a reliable source.”

However, there is one reliable source who is very close to the situation and Banks who has spoken on it.  Bank’s husband who works as a seamster at WWE reported on the “Wrestlemania Incident.

Banks’ Husband

A Surprise Appearance Soon?

Banks has just added to the firestorm of speculation with her cryptic tweets.  No one knows what she truly thinks about WWE but Banks herself. There could be a lot of reasons why she is taking time off.  It could be to film a secret movie role, nurse a nagging injury, a sick loved one or is just burnt out. Banks is being very tight lipped which is her right to do so.

It could be very possible she is just playing into these rumors so she can make a surprise appearance.  SummerSlam is in August and what a great time to do a run-in and set up a feud.  However, I really hope she returns as a heel. If SummerSlam passes by then I’ll start to worry about her WWE future.

One Of Banks’ Cryptic Tweets



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