In Transformers Issue 5 we witnessed some fairly large events. When Issue 6 came out, it seemed to side step everything that had taken place in order to give us some Orion/Megatron relationship background. Now in Transformers Issue 7 issue, we return to the problems of the past and the fallout from such major happenings.

Transformers Issue 7: Cover To Cover

There are three covers for this issue. All three are good, but its the B cover that is outstanding. The A cover is an excellent profile of Orion and the leader he will one day become. It is striking and does a great job highlighting the cybertronian differences of Orion’s robot form.

The third cover shows one of the female bots hiding behind cover as a battle rages behind her. The shadows of the Ascenticons shows Megatron, Soundwave, and Shockwave. While irrelevant right now, it hints at the war to come.

It is the Transformers Issue 7B cover, however, that makes this issue worth getting. Bumblebee sits high up on a ledge on some structure. The sorrow he feels is palpable. His little buddy and trainee, his responsibility, is gone. He failed as a mentor. This cover is most relevant and most moving.

Cybertronian Chickens Came Home To Roost in Transformers Issue 7

Rubble is dead. The opening cover hints at what his loss is doing to Bumblebee, but the first few pages show what is happening to everyone. Bee sits on the corner of the skyscraper ledge, mourning his charge’s loss. Windblade’s comforts are still not enough.

The issue then switches to Prowl. He leads the investigation to everything that has been going on. Now his investigation includes a deceased forgling. Everything he tries and zero progress. His frustrations are depicted very convincingly. Like with Bee and Windblade, Prowl is told it’s not his fault. Like Bumblebee, it has no effect.

And the Hits Just Keep On Coming…

Orion finds Bee and tried to comfort him, but Bee will have none of it. He marches off leaving Orion standing there. Orion then receives news form Ironhide that very soon, Sentinel Prime, Starscream, and Nautica are returning in short order. I do not know Starscream’s current status in the government, nor who Nautica is, but Sentinel is not only a Prime, but one of the top leaders on Cybertron. The news sounds like they all belong to top leadership. Orion’s response to the news feels more like shit is about to hit the fan.

Then comes Bumblebee at his lowest – and best! Back in Issue 5 Bumblebee was talking with Senator Soundwave about joining the Ascenticons. This really threw me. I could not tell if he was serious or simply trying to infiltrate the group. In Transformers Issue 7, we have our answer.

With everything Bumblebee is feeling, he is not faking anything. His circuits burn and feel raw and exposed. If joining the Ascenticons was an assignment, he would want nothing to do with it right now. Yet here he is talking with Refraktor and Skytread.

Bee remains adamant about change needing to come to Cybertron now more than ever. In fact if Refraktor and Skytread agree he will in fact be an Ascenticon. There is just one issue, Refraktor and Skytread are both ass holes.

I love what happens next. Skytread throws his insults at Bee, even pushes him. Bee gets upset, but does not give in to temptation. He walks away. That is until Skytread goes where no one should go. He taunts Bee about the death of Rubble. What follows is a right hook that would make Rocky proud. A fight ensues, but a female bot breaks it up. And yet through all of that Bumblebee insists he was right to have come.

What Ghosts May Haunt Us

This last part is perhaps the most fascinating and at the same time, creepiest, part of this title. Cyclonus. We know he will join the Decepticons, but for now he wanders the wastes by himself. Well, save for the ghosts of dead transformers whose bodies were mutilated in different ways.

The ghosts do not seem wanted by Cyclonus as he wishes they would shut up for a cycle, yet they follow him. Exarchon, whoever he was, is dead and not coming back according to the ghosts. Cyclonus took part in teh last war. Of that there can be little doubt. These ghosts seem to be some sort of PTSD.

The confusing part is he finds a cable that for some reason should not be present. Thsi triggers an encounter with another female bot who opens fire on him. He falls into a smoking wreck, but immediately gets up and says the fight is on! Cyclonus’ story seems important, but there just isn’t enough information given yet to understand what is happening or why.

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