Swamp Thing had earned early critical praise and strong start with viewers. Notwithstanding, DC Universe cut Swamp Thing’s life short only a few days after the series premiere. The show’s tenure on the Warner-owned streaming service is over. It was DC Universe’s third original series in the live-action department. The others, Titans and Doom Patrol, are still going. A fourth, Stargirl, is set to arrive in 2020.

A few months before the series had even premiered, Swamp Thing was already facing some trouble. Despite being set for a 13-episode season, Warner Bros. shut production down in April. In doing so ,they they cut the last three episodes of Season 1. So what led to the cancellation in the end? According to Deadline Hollywood, one of the reasons was some major tax paperwork errors and other budget issues. The show became too expensive for Warner Bros. to keep producing.

Swamp Thing faces all kinds of woes

Swamp Thing; DC Universe
Swamp Thing is doomed… like this romance. Image: DC

A recent report from The GWW reveals that early on, WarnerMedia, as well as AT&T executives, were not thrilled with the product as the footage was coming in. According to The GWW, the new bosses at WarnerMedia want to make more DC shows like The Flash and Arrow on The CW as opposed to products like Swamp Thing and even Doom Patrol (whose fate is also still up in the air.)

Warner will release the remaining eight episodes of Swamp Thing Season 1 over the next couple of weeks on DC Universe. As many reports suggest, the studio is re-evaluation the DC branded streaming service. They have been trying to figure out its role, given that they have their WarnerMedia service coming up.

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Source: Deadline Hollywood & The GWW