The Season 4 finale of The Magicians dropped a huge bombshell that will be changing the entire dynamic going forward. If you aren’t caught up on the series, you should go do that now. If you continue reading from this point forward, you will see spoilers. I won’t accept any blame for you seeing them if you keep reading.

Spoiler Warning

The Magicians Season 5:

With the death of Jason Ralph’s Quentin Coldwater, Josh and Fen having been overthrown 300 years ago (in Fillory at least), and Margo and Eliot back in Fillory trying to figure out WTF happened, Season 5 has a lot of work cut out for it. Now that we’re pretty firmly into the Summer (yes, I know we’re still a couple of weeks out), Production on the new season is getting underway. Over the past few days, a number of the cast and crew have been posting online about returning to work.

Olivia Taylor Dudley:

Olivia posted this lovely picture of Jennifer Aniston smoking a cig, presumably on set. Not so fast. If you look closely in the bottom right, you can see that this picture came from somewhere else. I’m 99.9% sure we’re not going to get Mrs. Ross Gellar on the show this year.

John McNamara:

John wasn’t on set, but he phoned in for a read-through of Episodes 1 and 2. The picture he shared doesn’t really reveal much about the show, but we can see that Episode 1 was written by Henry Alonso Myers. Myers was promoted to Co-Showrunner for the new season, a step up from his position as Executive Producer. The second episode was written by David Reed. David has served as a Co-EP on the show since 2018 and has written a number of episodes as well.

Sera Gamble:

Sera posted on Twitter about heading up to Vancouver for the start of production, but also added that they’ve focusing behind the scenes on “greener” practices. While none of that will actually affect much of anything you see on screen, it could affect how the production is ran. I asked her about how these new procedures might affect things like the times shoots are scheduled and building out sets and studios. She wasn’t sure, but tagged Chris Fisher, one of the other EPs and I’ll follow up if he responds. I don’t know if any of you would be interested in that info, but I always find that kinda stuff interesting.

Zack Stentz Was Attached To The Magicians:

So, before you see his tweet, I wanted to add some context here. Zack Stentz is not involved with the show. However, during a Tweet thread about something completely unrelated he revealed he was originally attached. This has nothing to do with Season 5, but as a fan of his work, I found this interesting.

Zack had seen a memory pop up on his Facebook about an article he was featured in a few years ago and wanted to talk about the projects he had been attached to at the time. One of these projects just happened to be The Magicians. I wonder what happened that caused the project to die and what caused it to be brought back. There’s any number of possibilities from not having the right cast to not knowing where they wanted to fit it into their schedule. I reached out to see if he could talk about it and how it may have been different, again, I’ll follow up if he responds.

So, Are you excited for Season 5? Are you going to stop watching because of Quentin not coming back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. As always, make sure to keep following That Hashtag Show for all the latest news on The Magicians.