Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has only been open for a few days, and it’s already changed the game when it comes to Star Wars. Never before have fans had the means to immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe in the way they now can at the Disneyland (and soon, Disney World) theme park expansion.   If you’ve ever wanted to leave reality behind and step into the galaxy far, far away, now’s your chance.  

“You feel like you’re actually on the planet of Batuu,” said Bob Chapek. Chapek is the Chairman of Park Experiences and Products for the Walt Disney Company. As such, he’s is the man in charge of assuring fans get the ultimate Star Wars universe experience when they step into Galaxy’s Edge. And boy, will they, right down to the droid tread marks on the ground they walk on.

Bringing the Star Wars universe to life

Disney; Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge; Star Wars Universe
Inside the Millennium Falcon at Galaxy’s Edge. (Image: Disney Parks)

Crowds at Galaxy’s Edge are already immense. Consequently, fans are actually limited to a four-hour stay within the theme park. Run afoul of that time frame, and you run afoul of the First Order. That’s right; Stormtroopers will actually enforce your four-hour pass. Notwithstanding, Chapek and the Disney Imagineers have pulled out all the stops to ensure every minute you spend within the Star Wars universe is meaningful.

Galaxy's Edge Theme Park; Star Wars Universe
Even the bathrooms are Star Wars authentic at Galaxy’s Edge. (Image: Gamespot)

As Chapek notes in the CNN interview seen above, even the queues for attractions can be considered attractions in and of themselves. Disney’s interactive parks app allows you to learn, explore and interact with the Star Wars universe around you while you wait. And that doesn’t even account for the experience you’ll have on rides such as Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. The experience is, in a word, total.

At Disney Parks, what we do is the physical embodiment of the magic. We make magic real. And you can’t do that on a movie screen. You can’t do that on a computer screen. But you can certainly do it when the Falcon is sitting right in front of you.”

~Bob Chapek, Chairman of Park Experiences and Products for the Walt Disney Company

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now open at Disneyland in California. The Star Wars universe comes to Disney World in Florida later this summer.

Source: CNN