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Will Solo 2 happen?

The fans are uniting behind bringing a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story, and a very important facet, such as the screenplay, may already be in place.

Ron Howard took to Twitter recently with an emoji response for calls to make Solo 2 happen, letting fans know their message was heard. Later that day, however, screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan kicked it up a notch:

The story in this tweet is not the words, but in the pictures. We see the symbol on the right for Crimson Dawn, which we know from Solo. The other two are the Pykes, the Hutts. Will we get to see what made Mos Eisley a wretched hive of scum and villainy on-screen? And the potential for spin-offs is endless with this idea. Picture this:

Solo 2: What we could see

Dryden Vos already said that there was tension between Crimson Dawn and The Pykes. Think they’re going to let this little coaxium heist go unchecked? Then at the end of Solo, Beckett said there was a big-time gangster on Tattooine putting together a crew. A crew for what? Jabba and Han have some history by the time A New Hope rolls around, so you know there’s some good stories to be told there.

The Pyke Syndicate
The Pyke Syndicate on Kessel

Qi’ra and Maul have burned some bridges with their shenanigans, which will probably require swift retribution from the Empire and the other crime syndicates. We also know Maul has some unfinished business with Sidious. Enter the Bounty Hunters. We could get IG-88, Bossk, Fett and Greedo origins/backstory on the big screen, which would then play nicely into the announced series line-ups for Disney+. It would also be cool to see how Han swindled the Guavian Death Gang and KanjiKlub (for the second time).

Could it actually happen?

Solo was an under-performer at the box office by most movie standards, but it could turn out to be a dark horse of a hit. Fallout from The Last Jedi and bad timing on the release, as well as a slew of production problems put the film in a tailspin. However, if Disney will invest the credits into making a sequel to Solo, fans will need to respond in kind if we’re ever going to get more stand-alone films, such as another fan-favorite project, Kenobi.

However, if a big-screen return is not in the cards for Solo, the Disney+ streaming service could be a great home for the Misadventures of Han Solo and Chewbacca. After all, it was serial stories like Flash Gordon that inspired George Lucas to write what would become Star Wars anyway.

“George wanted to do Flash Gordon … he met with the people who owned it, and they didn’t take him at all seriously. So he took the Flash Gordon trailers — the diagonal titles that talk about the universe at that point [the opening crawl] — and sort of combined it with a Stanley Kubrick ‘2001’ world and created his own ‘Flash Gordon.”

Francis Ford-Coppola on George Lucas’ vision for Star Wars
The Solo cast is ready for a sequel… are you?

Since Disney has already declared a rest on more films until 2022, this is all conjecture. But if I have learned anything about Star Wars fans, they are fierce and committed. It looks like Howard and Kasdan are on board, and it’s no secret the cast wants to give it a go. A push from fans could be just what they need to give it a green light.

Source: Epicstream