With Respawn Entertainment taking their proactive approach to hot fixes and meaningful balance updates lets take a quick look at a few strategies and ideas that are helping to shake out the meta as player are strategies are growing with the game and how some of the Best Gaming Gear from GamingFeature.com can help maximize your success.

Team Compositions

Bangalore + Wraith + Bloodhound

Right out the gate we all lived through the Wraith+Bangalore+Bloodhound meta just after the game launched. It’s easy to see why Bangalore and Bloodhound synergize so well due to the “X-Ray Smoke” combo but, the Wraith is too greedy. Sure you can dodge-duck-dip-dive and phase out of combat but, it’s just too redundant and a bit greedy if you care about team composition. You’re better off replacing Wraith with Caustic if your goal is to utilize the “Fog Squad” strategy.

Bangalore + Gibraltar + Pathfinder

I call this the “Bring the Boom” strategy. If you’re all about 3rd partying on other skirmishes this is a must try. Fairly simple in the concept and tough to really execute however, incredibly potent and disruptive to the teams your crashing in on. Send Pathfinder’s zip-line to an advantageous position, have your Bangalore split the fight with smoke, drop one of the two airstrike ultimates and you’re ready to rock. What makes this tough to execute and defend against relies on the placement of all these abilities, surprise factor, and consistency in these ultimates coming back up multiple times in a single game.

Weapon Load-Outs

Brief disclaimer, you can win a game with any load out. Shocking right? Some will perform more reliably than others and that’s what we’ll be focusing on. How reliable a load-out is and how well it performs in most situations / play styles.

Spitfire + Peacekeeper / EVA-8 / R-99

This was a commonly seen load-out among streamers who participated in the Twitch Rivals competition in February. Revolving mainly around the Spitfire and it’s high capacity magazine, with a focus on the idea of “I’ve used a whole clip, now what?” Chances are you’re not standing in one spot pumping out 40+ rounds and it might be too slow when up close with enemies. Could you be more efficient with another gun that utilizes heavy ammo, sure. Though realistically you’re going to use one slot of ammo for that heavy gun anyways and one full ammo slot of light or shotgun will be just fine if you’re main weapon is the Spitfire.

R99 + Wingman

Again, another straight forward go to load out that’s meant to focus on winning close quarters engagements. Players typically find themselves moving from location to location, others will camp out inside the circle and this load out covers most situations you’ll find yourself in if you follow either of those play styles. Blow your R99 clip, swap to the Wingman to finish off an enemy. Unfortunately this means you’re eating up alot of light ammo very quickly but, dishing out that much damage in such a short burst will consistently find better results even if you’re just shooting from the hip.

For how to best maximize your team composition with the best setup, be sure to check out Gaming Feature. Our go to for gamer info when looking for that Esport edge. We are ever impressed with their Apex Legends in depth reports that every Apex player has to check out! Use the comment section and tell us how you rip through the competition.

What are some of your favorite Apex Legends strategies? Use the comment section and tell us how you rip through the competition.