Cody gave a press interview post his match at the Double or Nothing event.  During this he answered questions about the event and AEW as a whole.

Double or Nothing was AEW’s first true PPV as a promotion.  However, the event was just the first step towards the future as a promotion.  They needed for everything to work perfectly to be a viable competitor in the wrestling market.  However, by all accounts the event went off without any hitches.

Cody Talks Jon Moxley And Dusty’s Favorite

Post event Cody was surrounded by the press and gave off a visible glow while covered in blood.  Cody was asked if he could sign any wrestler in the world who would he like to sign. He said he wanted to sign Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose.  However, Cody has already signed Moxley to a multiyear deal and Moxley debuted at Double or Nothing.

During the match between Cody and his brother, Dustin Rhodes’, Dustin came out with a shirt which said Dusty’s Favorite.  When Cody was asked about it and whether Dustin went too far Cody replied.

“He’s a performer, always, first and foremost, and it’s something he didn’t tell me about.  It’s ok ya know that’s the type of risk you take.” Cody continued “sometimes it is a miss, that wasn’t a miss.  They chanted that [Dusty’s Favorite] tonight.”

Cody Rhodes AEW Doble or Nothing
Courtesy Of Cody’s Twitter

Shots Fired At Triple H?

During Cody’s entrance he hit a throne with a sledgehammer and it was an obvious reference to Triple H.  However, Cody said this was not a shot at Triple H or the WWE. He said it was for the fans to show them he is a wrestler first and foremost and his executive vice president role is secondary.

Cody discussed how important it was Double or Nothing was successful and improved on All In.

“It had to be better than All In and I’ll tell you the truth.  Next time whether it is Fight for the Fallen or All Out they have to be better than this.  That’s a tough task,” Cody said.

Cody Talks Whether Middle Fingers Will Be Standard Affairs In AEW

However, when asked whether the blood, violence and middle fingers will be a standard for AEW PPVs and TV he said no.  The PPVs will always be a step up from what they do on TV. He wants to treat TV and PPVs like sporting events. Cody referenced when basketball is on TV and a player curses they take the camera off the player.  This is how Cody wants to run the AEW shows.

However, Cody even hinted at having a PPV which is one step above normal AEW PPVs.Cody said AEW PPVs will not happen every month and not all will be four to five hours long.  Double or Nothing and All Out will be AEW’s tentpole events with the possibility of maybe adding one more according to Cody.  He also confirmed TV will be two hour shows.

Cody Rhodes AEW Double or Nothing
Courtesy Of Cody’s Twitter

Cody Wants to Hear From AEW Fans

If things are not going right or how the fans want it he wants to hear what the fans have to say.  Cody continued that when your the only game in town you don’t care what people have to say, but he wants AEW to be different.

“I want people to hold us accountable,” Cody said.

This is a really good way to look at the wrestling business and a great start for a new promotion.  Cody is taking this new venture very seriously and is taking necessary steps to make sure it succeeds.  If you would like to watch the press conference here it is in its entirety.


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