Into New Hands

It is here that the future jumps into motion. The brief interaction Qui-Gonn has with prophesies forms a curiosity that would never quite leave him. While Qui-Gonn also put the prophecies away for some time, the happenings on Pijal reawakened his padawan curiosities.

During the mission on Pijal, the force gave Qui-Gonn vision of what would happen during the crowning ceremony. Qui-Gonn could describe a room he had never entered and gave details no one else could now. It was met with suspicion by fellow Jedi and Dooku padawan, Rael Averross, as well as the Jedi Council. Although Yoda did not entirely dismiss what was happening. Now just wasn’t the time.

The Awakening

This first prophecy is what really caught Qui-Gonn’s attention. Without it he may have missed all that was coming:

“When the Kyber that is not Kyber shines forth, the time of prophecy is at hand.”

From Master & Apprentice by Claudia Gray

During the Pijal mission, a crystal is discovered. The Kohlen crystal is a crystal that mimics the kyber crystal in almost every way. The look and feel are near identical and they can even replace a kyber crystal in a lightsaber. Although the effects on the blade are slightly different.

After Qui-Gonn’s vision is realized, Qui-Gonn turns his attention to the prophesies. This move would exacerbate a rift between the council and himself lasting the rest of his life. The kohlen crystals announced the beginning of the time of the prophecy. Would the chosen one show itself soon? Qui-Gonn kept watch.