Any nerd worth his salt at least knows about the 80s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. But over time, at least here in the States, it’s popularity never really hit a critical mass. Apparently in Brazil though, it was a massive success and is still wildly popular. Renault Brasil decided to capitalize on its immense pop culture popularity and used it to create a commercial for it’s KWID Outsider.

The amount of work that went into recreating the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon is truly outstanding. The VFX are on par with a major Hollywood Blockbuster, the costumes are on point, and the actors look dead-on. Check out the commercial above and the character posters below.

Hopefully, the new Dungeons and Dragons film will bring this same sense of wonder to the big screen . . . but I have my doubts. If you want to see the original cartoon, unfortunately, you’ll have to buy the DVD set, it’s not currently streaming. if this picks up some steam CBS will put it up on CBS All Access. For now though, watch the original intro and let us know how well you think the commercial did at capturing the Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon.

The Dungeons and Dragons cartoon focused on a group of kids who are thrown into a fantasy world. They must search for a way home, armed with magic weapons that an evil tyrant wants.