DJZ, a former Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion, has been spotted at the WWE Performance Center.

Michael Paris whose ring is DJZ has started his training at the Performance Center this week according to WWE.  DJZ has a long history in wrestling spanning almost 15 years and wrestling in Mexico, United Kingdom and Japan. He has also wrestled some big names including Kassius Ohno, Cesaro, Lince Dorado and Johnny Gargano.

Key X-Division Player

However, DJZ made his name at TNA later renamed Impact Wrestling in the X-Division.  The X-Division was essentially a cruiser weight division. However, instead of focusing on the weight of the wrestlers it focused on the high-risk nature of the moves.  This lead to more high-flying and fast-paced matches. The X-Division became a key attraction for Impact Wrestling with DJZ being a key player in the later years of the division.

DJZ and his experience working in the X-Division would make him a perfect fit for 205 Live.  His in-ring skills can add a lot of excitement to the division. He is regarded as one of the best high-flyers in the world. However, DJZ has been injury prone in recent years.

Can DJZ Take 205 Live Up A Notch?

This is an opportunity for DJZ to pick up some new tricks and access to some of the best trainers and a top of the line facility.  Once he has completed his training at the Performance Center I look forward to seeing what he can do in a WWE ring.  

WWE looks to be signing a lot of lighter weight indie guys to stack 205 Live with the who’s who of the indies.  These names include Kushida, Shane Strickland  and possibly Trevor Lee and ACH.  

DJZ has been reunited with his former BroManz tag partner, Robbie E, who has recently been working NXT live events as a manager.

Courtesy DJZ’s Instagram

WWE Vs AEW Bidding War

WWE wasn’t the only one looking to sign DJZ.  According to AEW made him an offer to sign with them, but WWE countered their offer.  DJZ was able to pit the two companies against each other and get a better offer with WWE.

This is truly an exciting time to be a wrestling fan.  It is the late ‘90s all over again. WWE and AEW are in a bidding war over unsigned wrestlers and AEW will be on TNT.  Since Lucha Underground is all but done it is a race to pick up all their wrestlers.  Most of whom are at Impact Wrestling, but contracts expire and AEW is looking more and more like competition.  My hope is the Lucha Brothers sign with WWE.

We will keep you posted on any new signings with WWE or AEW in the near future.  What do you think of DJZ signing with WWE?  Who are some other wrestlers from Impact Wrestling or other indies you want to be picked up?  Let us know in the comments below.


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