Here Comes the Sun

Euron looking into the sun for Drogon.
Game of Thrones: Sun’s rays hide death

Dani and her troops have been outmaneuvered and out strategized at every turn so far. I wondered how Dani was going to overcome all those scorpions with only a single dragon. She did it by using one of the most sound military maneuvers in history. When attacking, always put the sun at your back. That is military strategy 101.

It was a nice thing to see as it allowed her to get close enough to the fleet to destroy them before they could change position. If you watch closely, they even showed how hard it was to reposition the scorpions. Three or four men tried to swing one around, but once they got it moving Euron had to jump up and push back against it to stop its rotation.

Then Dani approaches the wall at such an angle, the marksmen only get a couple of desperate shots before she torches them. It was just such a sound maneuver that was not only effective but believable that it made the sacking of the city that much better.

Grey Worm

Grey Worm attacks

Dani’s flight to the keep was bad enough, but how much blood covers Grey Worm’s hands? Dani still would have torched the city, but had Grey Worm not attacked the surrendered guards, it is highly likely the two forces would have worked on clearing the city instead of fighting, raping and pillaging.

The big what-if is what if Jon could have stopped Grey Worm from throwing that spear? Or if Jon had been able to cut Grey Worm down before the fighting began could the blood shed have been prevented. After Grey Worm threw the spear, Jon lost all control of the fight and could not stop the slaughter.

The blood of King’s Landing clings to Grey Worm as much if not more than it does to Dani.

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