#3 Tyrion Frees Jamie In Game Of Thrones Episode 5

Tyrion and Jamie talk
Game of Thrones Season 8: Brothers Forever

Tyrion freeing Jamie was no surprise. Tyrion leads with his heart and in the Game of Thrones, that is the worst thing to do. The big question going forward is does that guard tell any superiors what happened? If that guard stays silent, there is no evidence Tyrion freed Jamie, but if word of this reaches Dani in any form, Tyrion is as good as dead. He was warned. One more transgression and he was a dead man.

#4 The Mom and Child

Very early on in the episode we see a mother and a child working their way through the main gate. They continue to show up through out the episode despite being nobody. The directors after the show talked about having Arya run through the streets so watchers could be more invested in the destruction because we need Arya to survive.

This mom and daughter did a great job of also adding to the drama of the streets, especially when they meet up with Arya. How much more heartbreaking was the scene with Drogon, swooping down in the background, ready to burn the streets?

Arya tried to save both, but ends up losing both. When Arya regains consciousness, only a charred, black lump remains where mom and daughter were. Not only was losing them sad, but it adds purpose to Arya once more. You know she and Dani will have words – if Dani is lucky.