Rey and BB-8 head off into a Jakku sunset.

That’s a great question, Finn… why does everyone want to go back to Jakku? It’s simple: That’s where the biggest Star Wars universe mysteries are at right now. Jakku is where the Galactic Empire fell. It’s also where there may be hints of Rey’s lineage. And don’t forget – That’s where the Emperor’s secret lab is. It was even almost a planetary bomb! It’s all happening on the desert planet Han Solo called a junkyard. And who doesn’t want to go there to dine on that delectable ¼ portion? Seriously though, Jakku likely holds the key to some of the biggest questions fans want answered. So will The Rise of Skywalker take us back there? One theory (courtesy of ScreenRant) thinks it should.

Where are you from?
No one’s from nowhere.
Okay, that’s pretty much nowhere.

―Luke Skywalker and Rey in The Last Jedi

Rey and Luke talk it out on Ach-To.

Luke may think it’s nowhere, but Jakku is actually far from that description. In Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath novels, he introduces Jakku as the site of the last battle between the Galactic Empire and the New Republic, and we can see what the outcome was. The surface is littered with battle-scarred warships from both sides.

If you played story mode in Star Wars: Battlefront II, you could take part in it, giving you a front-row seat to the fall of the Empire. The game gave us some great canonized backstory that the movies did not. That’s why the Battle of Jakku needs to be referenced by at least a flashback in The Rise of Skywalker. The casual fan does not understand what happened, and that’s who they make the big screen movies for.

The Battle of Jakku.

So tell me again, why back there in The Rise of Skywalker?

Ravenous fans likely read the Aftermath books. In the last one, titled Empire’s End, two of the Emperor’s aides, Yupe Tashu and Gallius Rax, perform a dark-side ceremony involving a holocron and a Sith mask toward the end of the battle. Tashu is a true believer, thinking they will resurrect the Emperor one day to reclaim his rule. Rax is more conniving, planning on taking control of the Empire for himself. He goes along with it to use Tashu, making Yupe think he believes in the resurrection, too. It leaves the scene vague, and open to a lot of interpretation.

Given the history of the Sith and their masks, such as Lord Momen or Darth Nihilus, this could be a pivotal moment in explaining why we hear that familiar laugh at the end of the Episode IX trailer. It’s also why at least some part of this mysterious scene from the book needs to come out in the film. Not all the fans will know about the ceremony, making the Emperor’s return very confusing for the general movie-going audience.

What else is on Jakku?

A young Rey looks up at the departing ship we assume is being flown by her parents.

I do not believe in coincidence. Things happen for a reason. Consider this: someone abandons Rey on Jakku. The Millennium Falcon -which was stolen three times, according to Han- ended up nearby on Jakku. Lor San Tekka is in an adjacent village with a map to Luke Skywalker on Jakku. You don’t need 12 parsecs to see where this Kessel Run is going. Someone important knows who Rey is, and more importantly, is keeping an eye on her. All of that is either the most amazing coincidence in the massive Star Wars universe, or the Force is literally lining up the stars for Rey to find Luke. In the end, we need to go back to Jakku to clear all of this up. Should The Rise of Skywalker take us back there? Tell us your thoughts!

Source: Screen Rant