The FGO PROJECT announced that the English version of the hit mobile game Fate/Grand Order has exceeded six million downloads since its release in June of 2017. A joint project between TYPE-MOON, Aniplex, Inc., and DELiGHTWORKS, Inc., Fate/Grand Order quickly became a global sensation. Twitter revealed that it was the most tweeted about game of 2018. The English version is currently available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. You can find it in the App Store and Google Play.

To celebrate six million downloads, Fate/Grand Order’s English versionwill kick off the nine-part “6 Million Downloads Campaign” beginning May 15. Rewards include daily login bonuses, an additional EXP card set in Da Vinci’s workshop, increased success rates for Servant and Craft Essence enhancements, and double Saint Quartz fragments for clearing the weekly Master Missions. The celebratory campaign will also feature the addition of Hunting Quests Part 3, Rank Up Quests Part 6, and new Interludes for the following Servants: ★5 (SSR) Jeanne d’Arc, ★4 (SR) Helena Blavatsky, ★5 (SSR) Vlad III, and ★5 (SSR) Brynhild.

Fate/Grand Order – Dowload Commemoration

Players will also be treated with the return of the advent of the goddess of Venus, ★5 (SSR) Ishtar, who will be available for summoning for a limited time only to commemorate six million downloads. Ishtar will be if Fate/Grand Order joined by fellow goddesses ★5 (SSR) Orion and ★5 (SSR) Quetzalcoatl with increased drop rates during their respective featured periods, along with ★4 (SR) Medusa (Lancer), ★4 (SR) Stheno, ★4 (SR) Gorgon, ★3 (R) Euryale, ★3 (R) Jaguar Warrior, and ★3 (R) Medusa (Rider).

Fate/Grand Order

In February, the English version of Fate/Grand Order embarked on an ambitious national tour in the U.S. with a kickoff event at the California Market Center in Los Angeles. The event featuring special guests, exhibitions, and interactive experiences. The Fate/Grand Order U.S.A. Tour 2019 has stops planned throughout the year at Anime Central (Rosemont, IL), Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA), Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA), and Anime NYC (New York, NY).