In the world of professional wrestling it’s not unusual for talent to call out each other and it seems that the Briscoe’s have done just that. Former ROH Tag Team Champions the Briscoe’s have called out former WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champs the Uso’s. Here’s what the Briscoe’s had to say in a promo:

“We just really… at this point, man, we just want big time matches,” Jay said when asked what’s next now that they have conquered the ROH tag team division. “And for that to happen, we need big time tag teams to wrestle again. So… yo Usos, what’s good? Have your people call my people, we can do this.”

“We can make it work out, we can work it out,” Mark added.

The Uso’s have yet to respond but maybe this could spark the two teams working together in some capacity much like the the Elite did with The New Day last year. Currently both of these teams are at the top of their game and this would undoubtedly be a dream match but it’s unlikely to happen seeing as both teams work for different companies. If this match were to happen which team do you think would win? Leave a message in the comments below.