After drips, drabs, and trickles of information, HBO has finally dropped its first real look “The Watchmen.” Semi-based, loosely interpreted, and sorta-sequel to Alan Moore’s ground breaking graphic novel of the same name, the trailer gives us lots of references to the comic while going well beyond it’s pages.

Watchmen: ROLL IT!!!

Costumed violence, rising unease, heady-nonsensical images- well, it feels like an Alan Moore comic.

While we don’t get much in the way of plot, story, or names of characters- we do get a lot of tension, close-ups, slow camera push-ins, and a very subtle clock references. 

And by subtle, I mean every shot is either people saying “tick-tock”, clock imagery, or actual clocks. Which to be honest, is actually a pretty sweet nod to the overarching theme of the Doomsday Clock from the original series.

This is HBO’s first superhero series and at first glance, Damon Lindelof is giving us something dark and wonderful to chew on.  We know it’s not an adaptation of the Watchmen comic and supposedly not a sequel either, but all the pieces seem to fit for this to be a 10-years after type story.

This Watchmen trailer does the job, it’s hyped me up and gotten me deeply excited for the project… Of course, like any Watchmen fan, I’m also worried about it doing justice to the source material as so much media has tried and found both failure and success before this.  But so far, it’s looking good. We have an army of everyday (flannel wearing) Rorschachs, some new faces, and Profion himself (look it up) Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias. So far so good, HBO. 

The only thing really missing here is a god-damn release date for the most exciting thing to happen on HBO since John Snow figured out who his daddy was. All we know is it’s coming in the Fall… Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock