The Real Story of Catwoman

This story tells the origins of Catwoman, so what do I mean by the ‘real story’. Selina has never had a positive back story. This kind of makes sense as it is usually takes bad things to drive a person to a life of crime. This novel, however, takes a young girl and runs her through a gauntlet of hell.

Selina starts out with a slight case of neglect. Her mom works a bar and sleeps with whoever she can drag home. Selina is forced to deal with the revolving door of men who do not care about her. When the door stops, it stops on the worst possible candidate.

The next issue this novel introduces is abuse. Darnell, the guy that sticks, becomes both verbally and physically abusive. Selina suffers under his wrath, and she must figure out how to deal with it. Darnell’s abuse continues even up to a point where Darnell discovers Selina’s hidden pet cat and kills it.

After the loss of her cat, Selina has to deal with being homeless as well as self harming. Homelessness is serious enough, but self harming is a serious issue among teens today. Every time Selina lets her scars slip out of hiding, someone flips, especially Bruce. Bruce’s protectiveness jumps to the forefront.