Catwoman, Under the Moon is a must read for Catwoman fans. This 200+ page book tells the origin of Catwoman, AKA Selina Kyle, and follows her first steps into becoming the super criminal known as Catwoman. It may be predictable, but that does not mean it isn’t a very moving story. This is also an issue that certain people will really need to read.

The Look of the Moon


This graphic novel possesses a very unique look, far different from what we may be used too. This book is essentially and black and white and pen and ink; However, Isaac Goodhart, the illustrator, uses blue shade to add color, depth and feeling to the pages. I assume this is for the “moon-lit” look, but there are a few pages that have a reddish tinge or no color shading at all.

The pen work of this novel is amazing. Isaac does a great job of giving detail not only to the characters, but clothing, hair and background pieces display awesome details that make this novel beautiful to just flip through.

Catwoman: Under the Moon – Pages and Pacing


As stated this is a 200+ page graphic novel. Often reading something like this can be daunting. One needs to set aside a good chunk of time to attempt it in one shot, or break it where ever time dictates. This novel has title breaks every few pages, so it is very easy to read in small chunks if needed. The titles also provide direction in where this story heads.

The story takes a long time to tell (200+ pages – duh), but the overall pacing of the story makes for easy reading. This follows young Selina as she goes through several parts of her life that change her and drive her towards what will be her Catwoman persona. We experience her home life, her life on the streets. We even meet the team that involved her in the world of high stakes heists.

The other thing, person, we meet is a very young Bruce Wayne. At first we get a picture of a snobbish and elitist Bruce. Selina avoids him because she feels inadequate next to him and his popularity, but then they have a moment to catch up. The chemistry is instant. Selina and Bruce open up to each other in ways neither expected. The Catwoman/Batman relationship is set from their interactions here.