5. Han Solo

Just like the Luke Skywalker this 2011 Han Solo (Stormtrooper) is limited to 1000 pieces. This Emerald City Comic Con POP! has an estimated value of $440

4 Boba Fett

Exclusive to San Diego Comic Con. This 2013 limited Boba Fett (Droids) 480-piece count Funko POP! will cost you about $510.

3. Biggs Darklighter

This 2012 San Diego Comic Con exclusive is also limited to a count of 480. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one its estimated vale is $760


2. Shadow Trooper

This 2011, 480-piece Funko POP! will make your wallet scream. This San Diego Comic Con exclusive will run you around $1430.


1 Darth Maul

Coming in at number 1 is also a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. This 480 count Holographic Darth Maul does not come cheap. The estimated value of this Funko POP! comes in at $1980.

So, if you are a Funko POP! collector make sure to go through your collection you might be sitting on a small gold mine. If you collect POP!s for fun or as in investment there are a lot of them out there for you. Or you could be like me and collect them to get autographed. No matter what you get them for it is definitely fun to track them down.


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