That’s right Rangers the console game Battle for the Grid is getting another FREE update (even though they are calling this update 1), adding to the value that we should have had at launch.

Adding to the Roster

Joining the roster are 3 more rangers, and hopefully, we can port over some from the mobile game too!

Dragon Armor Trini

Trini joins the battle donning the Black Dragon Battelizer from the BOOM! Comics

Mystic Force White Ranger: Udonna

Flurry of Snow White Mystic Ranger, she’s here to give you the cold shoulder

Cenozoic Blue Ranger

The Blue Ranger from Zordon’s Original squad enters battle, I personally enjoy this design more that the movie version.

What about the story mode?!
Battle for the Grid Story Mode Trailer

Kyle Higgins who wrote the amazing Shattered Grid story arc, adds his talent to the games story mode taking direction straight out of the comics. Plus we get some awesome voice-over work from veteran cast members.

Check out who’s coming back

  • Austin St. John as Jason
  • David Feilding as Zordon
  • Kerrigan Mahan as Goldar
  • Megan Camarena sadly isn’t coming back as Hyperforce Pink but as both Kimberly the MMPR Pink AND Ranger Slayer
  • And some guy called Jason David Frank rounds out the cast playing Tommy and Lord Darkkon

But wait there’s more……

Another great addition to the new story mode and characters, 2 new stages have been added to trounce your spandex-ed heroes: The domed city of Corinth from Power Rangers RPM also Planet Earth in the Cenozoic Era maybe we are going to get some movie rangers eventually? Who knows?!