Game Of Thrones. Season 8, Episode 3, The Long Night


Many are talking today about the 1 hour 32 minute adventure in the dark that was the last Game Of Thrones episode, The Long Night.  Those not talking about it are desperately clinging to earplugs and noise canceling headphones to avoid spoilers.  Yet, few are talking about the real truth….
Khaleesi Should Have Died.

While we’ve gotten away from the books, we don’t have to get away from the dark and twisty plots that hooked us on Martin’s work in the first place.  GoT was the series that first put outrageous topics in the main light and let us all watch in horror.  We saw no topic off limits and no crime or injustice too depraved to contemplate.  Has seeing dragons every week made you forget how you held your breath just to see the first sight of their eggs crack?

Now, we get an hour of CG where I was told 700 people and 11 weeks of work should be… all in the dark.  I’m not saying I didn’t scream out when the swords began to go out on the charging Dothraki, I did. But the captain forgot to go down with the ship!

Imagine for a moment the difference in our final epic battle if you can.  Your choice between power couple with dragons kills crazy lady in castle, or twice broken king of the north presses what remains of decent humanity through the Iron Throne with hordes of white walkers at his heels. Personally, with the kinds of resources going into the final season of this incredible ride, I expected more.  Certainly more twists if not just death.

What do you think would be the best end battle for the GOT finale?

The Long Night