Here we are at the second to last Heroes in Crisis issue – #8 of 9. The past couple of issues were okay, but they were slow and didn’t really do much to move the story forward. This series needed to accomplish something before time ran out – oh boy did it ever!

You will find this a simple and plain review. No flashy pics or headings because that is not what this issue is about. This is a simple issue that tells a single, simple story.

What starts out as yet another confessional turns into the ultimate of stories and in the end, gave us exactly what we were looking for and more. We now know who the killer is and what happened. The problem for me as the reviewer is that if I say a single thing about any one part of this issue, it unravels the whole story. You really need to read this story first.

The first time I read this issue all the way through my ending feelings were – Well damn. There we have it. That’s the killer and that’s what happened. It was actually a lot to process. This is an issue that really needs to be read twice.

On my second reading I was able to not guess or anticipate what was coming next. Second readings or second viewings in the case of movies are usually better because you can sit back and just let the story flow. You appreciate the story and what it gives you. You sit back and let the experience of the characters seep into your mind and own experiences. The story has so much more meaning the second time.

In fact, once you understand all the answers, once you know all the wither-toos and why-fors, what comes next? Why do they need one last issue? Because although the crime of the Murder of Sanctuary has been solved, the greatest race isn’t over. This final issue to come holds a great deal of weight. The last issue’s title needs to be changed from Heroes in Crisis to Hero in Crisis.